You can resell these full quality royalty free original photos to others as a regular business income. They can be sold to website designers,
graphic artists, publishers and others that may have a use for original high quality stock photos. Having nearly three quarter of a million photos
gives you an instant business stock to resell. You can sell various options to publishers like unlimited printed use for commercial purposes.
We’ve sold these for $112 per photo per example for unlimited commercial use. And at lower rates for non commercial royalty free use.
Publishers, graphic designers and others use them for books, calendars and much more. Work from home and use this as a supplementary
business to market through the internet to graphic artists, publishers and others worldwide. People have to get their photos from somewhere
right? I've sold photos for use in books, videos, calendars,  jig saws, documentaries, and advertising. I can't guarantee how much money you'll
make as that's up to your marketing skills and your buyers.

Selling stock photography is a resell business just like any other except you never run out of stock as you're reselling from the same range. And
you can add to it if you want. If you're good at sales and marketing you should do well and you'll soon find regular publishers will be wanting your
material. I think the best thing of all is you can do this in your spare time and in most cases its very easy to market it out to others. I've done all
the hard work for you as you get all the retail selling stock. I've also included thousands of original high quality texture graphic photos that can
be used by the fashion industry for materials and for the printing industry. I made these from my own concepts and designs. There are videos of
them at the link provided even showing them on clothing to show you how they can turn out. Thousands of hours of work went into making these

As an example I sold just one calendar lot of photos at $112.00 each per photo for $1344.00. Photos for unlimited commercial use are always
sold at much higher rates per photo. You could even produce your own calendars as you'll have a massive quantity of hundreds of thousands of
original photos to work from. We also have the largest database of Australian town photos with nearly every town in Australia filmed. See them
here: You get all these original photos too. You can  use them to make websites with advertising?  Or for many
other marketing options. The most beautiful wildlife photos you could imagine including macro close up photos ideal for publishing projects and
all full quality photos not some low quality copies. Photos from all around the world and much more. Check some of the categories listed below
in the photos provided.

                        This is what you get for $30,000.00 (Includes GST.)

One 2 TB hard drive filled with approximately 717,300 photo files.

They will mainly be in full original camera quality in jpeg format.
There are also thousands of clear background PNG format photos as well that are extremely popular with creative designers.
There may also some other free included formats that may be useful for website design work.

They will be located in 1,000's of named folders in their specific categories.

There is a huge collection of Australian town photos with nearly every Australian town featured.
International photos.
And just about any other topic of photos you can imagine.

You get the resell rights to set up your own stock photography website.
Note: The "total resell rights" are not available just individual photo selling rights from the collection.

Its taken me many, many years to amass these original photos into this huge resell collection. Remember they are the full quality and size
photos not just some mass produced copies at low resolution. Graphic professionals need the full and high quality photos to work with and this
is mainly what these are.
I’m the photographer for Australian Pictorials - HYPERLINK ""
This has given me the opportunity to get most of this collection together. You're actually buying over 10 years of photography work and
extensive travel so $30,000 for 10 years of work like this is a bargain price. I've done all the ground work for you. You only need to advertise
and market the stock photos out to others for use and collect the sales revenue. The bulk of the work has been done for you and now you only
have to resell them. You can resell the same photos over and over again as you have the resell right to do this.

I would advise you to set up a website either hosted through a reputable company that can handle large volumes of hosting space or set up
your own business server as I did in the past. If you use your own server you can add to the collection over time as you like and you won't be
hassled by space constrictions as you can install a couple of larger hard drives with one being an automatic backup drive. You may need
assistance with this side of the business and get some technical help to get all this set up for you. You can get low cost resell website software
and you'll find you'll most likely need a Cpanel set up or the like to integrate your sales and website successfully.   That way people can see all
your advertised photos and categories. You can offer all types of price deals with the right photo selling software. You can sell photo bundle
options and much more. I'm not selling or offering any software, or hosting with this sales package as that's the expertise of other people. I'm
just selling you the individual resell rights of the photos. You'll have to explore those other options for yourself to see what suits you best. You
can resell these photos under your own chosen business name.

You can search through over 2,000 of my videos at this link of mine to see
videos that have many of these photos in them.

You can imagine there's too many photos to show you on this page so
I've put most of them into over two thousand videos on my Youtube link
above. Naturally you get the "full quality photos" used to make those.
We Sell Stock Photography Photo Stock To Build Your Own Business!
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Main Folder Names Supplied
Just click on each photo to enlarge
These folders below also have thousands of folders within them of each town named individually in Australia. You can also see many of these town photos in the link provided above as videos.